Germany: Pope Benedict XVI visits Erfurt, Thuringia

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Germany: Pope Benedict XVI visits Erfurt, Thuringia – Pope Benedikt XVI. visited Thuringia, Germany on this past weekend and catered for both, positive and negative publicity, regarding the catholic church.


Positive was for sure, that Benedikt XVI. had met with abuse-victims of the catholic church during his visit in Germany 2011 on Friday.

The meeting of the clergymen took place in the well-known seminar for priests in the city of Erfurt. The discussions took approximately 30 minutes, according to the general co-ordinator of the Pope visit 2011, Hans Langendörfer.

Pope in Germany: Meeting with abuse victims

Altogether, Pope Benedikt XVI. met five abuse victims, two female ones as well as three male ones.

Furthermore, the Pope talked to five people, who work as close attendants of the victims.

The Pope assured in an explanation spread afterwards, that he wants to to take care of those severe cases and to process the entitled requests of the victims.

Also, it was seen particularly positive that the meeting originally wasn`t scheduled in the official program 2011 of the Pope visit in Germany, but was taken into account at short notice.

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Picture Pope in Thuringia / Germany, Domplatz Erfurt (c) hani

Map of Thuringia

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Map of Thuringia – The Federal State of Thuringia is located right in the heart of Germany. Besides such adorable cities like Erfurt, Weimar and Jena, Thuringia offers many attractions in its landscape and smaller towns.


Therefore, we would like to show you a map of Thuringia, which shows the regions of the state including big cities, highways, natural reservoirs, rivers and roads less travelled.

Map of Thuringia

The south of the country is dominated by the Thuringian forest, which crosses Thuringia from Eisenach to Sonneberg. In the north you can find the Thuringian Basin, which leads over the Kyffhäuser to the Harz Region. Its main cities are located on a lanyard from the West to the East, such as Gotha, Erfurt, Weimar, Jena and Gera.

In addition, there also exist many historical maps of Thuringia, for example during the 19th century (fragmented into little counties), during World War 2 and during the times of the GDR (no federal state, just 3 main districs: Suhl, Gera and Erfurt).

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Thuringia supports 1. International Solar Congress

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From the 25th to 26th November 2008, the 1. International Congress „BAUHAUS.SOLAR – technology, design and environment“ will take place at the Erfurt Fair. The Ministry of Economic affairs supports the preparation and implementation of this specialized symposium with 62,545 euros.

A corresponding decision was dropped by Thuringia`s Economics Minister Juergen Reinholz today, who immediately informed Dr. Frey from the Thuringian SolarCluster SolarInput e.V.

„In Thuringia, there is an unique opportunity to connect the idea of the Bauhaus with the future of solar technology“, said Thuringia’s Economics Minister Juergen Reinholz at the funds transfer in Erfurt.

on the way to solar congress

The International Symposium „BAUHAUS.SOLAR – technology, design and environment“ starts 2008 for the first time. Consistently, the organization of the conference will be handled by the team of the SolarInput e.V. The goal is to provide an exchange and cooperation platform for architects, designers, producers, researchers and developers from home and abroad for a cross-sectoral dialogue.

With this Congress, the Thuringian economy and higher education receive another cornerstone and an ideal platform for the development and application of new products in the field of solar technology. Approx. 200 participants and an international audience of specialists from Germany, Europe and overseas are expected to attend this innovative event.

Thuringia is glowing!

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Just two more weeks and the Thuringian barbecue season will be opened with a celebration at the Cathedral Square in Erfurt! The three „originals“ from the 1st German bratwurst museum, Propst Johann von Siebeleben, master`s butcher Huldreich Jacobi and journeyman Hans Wurst, are wearing their garp already – to ignite the bratwurst sausage fire at the museum in Holzhausen. A ceremony, which can not be taken seriously. But those guys always invent something new to promote Thuringias most delicious piece of culture.


On Wed 26th, they did the same for the festival at the Erfurt Cathedral Square. Everything will revolve around the sausage for the third time in a row – „Rusting Culture 2008 – Thuringia is glowing“ on April 12th.
Better said, around the „Thuringian sausage“ first mentioned in a Arnstädter abbey bill back in the year 1404 – and protected since December 2003 in Brussels. „In the past year, 33000 tons of those were produced!“, said Horst Schubert, managing director of the association „Thuringian / Eichsfelder sausage and meat“.

Worschech won “St. Georg”

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With a rating above 70 percent, Nadja Luise Worschech from the RV Gut Ringhofen Mühlberg won the Prix „St. George“ at the Thuringia Indoors.

Speechless Nadja looked at the scoreboard: „70.83 percent, this never happened before! That is a very good round, I felt. Rosalie did a great job. Now I am overjoyed about this great fifth S-win in my career … “ Smiles the 22-year-old business student from Erfurt, starting for the riding club Gut Ringhofen. Since this season, she appeared in the Age class „tab“, and looks back on a very successful Young-rider time. Widgets