Food + Beverage

Thuringian BratwurstBratwurst

Every corner has a kiosk where you can buy a bratwurst the size of John Holmes; the massive sausage (25 cm.) overwhelms a little white bun. Roomers say that you can get the best one in Erfurt or Arnstadt, where the Bratwurst museum is located. The smell of cooked pork is everywhere here. Vegetarians watch out !

Thuringian BierThuringian Bier

Having the infamous „Reinheitsgebot“ from 1434 in Weissensee, Thuringias beer brewing tradition is even older than the more popularized one in Bavaria. And indeed, real connoisseurs prefer a good Köstritzer or Apoldaer over an “Erdinger” or “Paulaner”. Check out the bier museum / hall of biers here!

Wonderful Baked GoodsWonderful Baked Goods

Bakeries are dying out in other industrialized countries, but not here. They are everywhere and produce wonderful cakes, pretzels, bread and other treats. Walking by them without stopping, or wishing to stop, is impossible. A very nice Thuringian bakery tradition can be found in the Thuringian Forest.

True Nordhäuser DoppelkornTrue Nordhäuser Doppelkorn

True Nordhäuser – that is the taste of grain. Immerse yourself in the world of 500 years distillery tradition. Discover the classics and a lot of exciting variations, the diversion into the glass! Whether True Nordhäuser ice pellets, rich harvest or the delicious fruity ones – for every taste here is the right specialty. Insidertip: A Visit to the traditional Nordhäuser corn brewery!

Thuringia - Potato DumplingsPotato Dumplings

Potato – based dumplings, also known under the famous name „Thüringer Klösse“, can be found in traditional restaurants – such as in Heichelheim. For many Thuringians, a Sunday without dumplings just wouldn’t be a real Sunday! Insider tip: Get to know some locals and enjoy the invitation to an original granny-handmade dumpling session!