Beech forests will be UNESCO World Heritage

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The National Park Hainich

Thuringia is seeking the nomination of the unique beech forests of the National Park Hainich as a UNESCO World Heritage site. For a corresponding application to support the nomination campaign, also the Thuringian Minister for Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Environment Dr. Volker Sklenar championed this project in his speech to the Thuringian Landtag.

national park hainich - beech forest

The nomination

By this years autumn, a joint request of selected German beech forest regions in Thuringia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and Hesse under the aegis of Thuringia will be developed. This will justify the inclusion of beech forests as a world natural heritage and is supposed to be submitted to the World Heritage Committee in early 2009 for its examination. The nomination will range – according to current planning – until 2010. Finally, the confirmation as a world natural heritage is expected for the year 2011.


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Anual crime report underlines Thuringia`s safety

Germany is one of the world’s safest countries. The evidence was presented yesterday by the 2007 edition of the anual crime report.

Thuringia guarantees a safe and secure vacation

Along with Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg, it is seized that especially Thuringia is a TOP 3 security state. Nationwide, the trend gets also more positive: With 6 284 661 crimes last year, 0.3 percent fewer criminal offences were registered by the police than in 2006. In Thuringia, the decline was even two percent.

Thuringia supports 1. International Solar Congress

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From the 25th to 26th November 2008, the 1. International Congress „BAUHAUS.SOLAR – technology, design and environment“ will take place at the Erfurt Fair. The Ministry of Economic affairs supports the preparation and implementation of this specialized symposium with 62,545 euros.

A corresponding decision was dropped by Thuringia`s Economics Minister Juergen Reinholz today, who immediately informed Dr. Frey from the Thuringian SolarCluster SolarInput e.V.

„In Thuringia, there is an unique opportunity to connect the idea of the Bauhaus with the future of solar technology“, said Thuringia’s Economics Minister Juergen Reinholz at the funds transfer in Erfurt.

on the way to solar congress

The International Symposium „BAUHAUS.SOLAR – technology, design and environment“ starts 2008 for the first time. Consistently, the organization of the conference will be handled by the team of the SolarInput e.V. The goal is to provide an exchange and cooperation platform for architects, designers, producers, researchers and developers from home and abroad for a cross-sectoral dialogue.

With this Congress, the Thuringian economy and higher education receive another cornerstone and an ideal platform for the development and application of new products in the field of solar technology. Approx. 200 participants and an international audience of specialists from Germany, Europe and overseas are expected to attend this innovative event.

Pleasure – the pope will come to Thuringia

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Pope Benedict XVI. wants to spend time also in Thuringia – during his extended Germany visit in 2009.

There is a good chance that the Pope will come to Heiligenstadt in the Eichsfeld, said Prime Minister Dieter Althaus (CDU) in an interview with the radio station Antenne Thuringia.

After a private audience with the Pope on Thursday, the Holy Father has accepted his invitation.

The roundrtrip to his German home country is scheduled for April 2009. Besides the Eichsfeld, it is also planned to visit Berlin, he said.

There, he will meet with German President Horst Koehler and Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit (SPD).

Happy new year!

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We wish you a happy new year and are looking forward to welcome you in Thuringia 2008!



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A breeze of summer: 25 degrees over the past two days made this weekend a perfect time for outdoor activities. Right on time for autumn`s beginning temperatures rised and no clouds (except in the north) were visable – sunbathing and building up the grills had their comebacks all over the country.

However, there might have been a relation between the good wheater and the news from Thuringias regional authorities. According to its newest reports, a significant increase of economic growth was published. For the first period in 2007, numbers rised by 2,7 per cent.