New hiking trails across Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia hiking trails

This season, 54 certified routes across the republic  invite hikers to explore Germany by foot. And Thuringian trails represent the centerpiece of this renewed tourist attraction.

The paths with the title „Quality hiking trails of Germany“  are in total 6700 kilometers long and carry through Thuringia, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Lower Saxony, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The German Hiking Association awarded this mark of excellence for three years, and will re-screen the routes before a possible extension.

And three recommendable trails pass through Thuringia: The Naturparkweg Leine-Werra leads over 100 kilometers, passing historic buildings in old villages and through quiet deciduous forests. Always close to the water by low mountain range runs the 45 kilometers long Talsperrenweg Zeulenroda.

A rising part takes the Panoramaweg Schwarzatal, which starts at the Rennsteig and drives through a stunning countryside with medieval castles on the Saale River.

It can be considered as the perfect travel connection between the Saale valley and the Rennsteig along the Schwarzatal and its heights and valleys. This special trail offers hikers spectacular panoramic views and sights. Romantic paths lead on a total of 135 kilometers while  alternating high peaks with magnificent views, secluded forests with colorful flowers, which are crisscrossed by clear streams and surrounded by rewarding destinations.

The trail touches four counties: Saalfeld-Rudolstadt with 63 percent, Sonneberg, with 22 percent, the Ilmkreis with 10.5 percent and 5.5 percent travel distance through Hildburghausen.

Spa and health tourism in Thuringia

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Relaxing, recreation, loafing and above all no stress? This is what most people want their holidays to be. Wellness, beauty and fitness are the magic words.  And Thuringia is well positioned for your spa vacation.

Thuringia has 17  health resorts – from the climatic health resorts in the Thuringian Forest to the fashionable spa`s in its bigger cities, 40 percent of Eastern Germany`s spas are placed  in the Free State of Thuringia. Pay special attention to its large number of excellent natural remedies such as salt and sulfur springs, peat, minerals, and of course the good climate.

Thuringia is equipped with modern rehabilitation clinics,  baths, wellness services, parks, hiking and biking trails, Concerts and many more. The Thuringian spas and health resorts have been entirely set up for recreation and relaxation-seekers. In addition to the classic spa and treatment methods,  a variety of wellness services are provided . Check out these links to find your perfect recreation place in Thuringia:

Geocaching adventure – find treasures in Thuringia

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Treasure hunting

Thuringia offers a year-round treasure hunt with GPS device, called geocaching. Many tourist information in the country will asisst you with this new form of walking. It is suitable for families with children, and this modern form of treasure hunting now enjoys an increasing popularity. And at the end of the tour, there is always a small treasure with a souvenir.

Geocaching in Thuringia - find treasures via GPS

Geocaching in Thuringia - find treasures via GPS

With the GPS receiver in your hand

…and the coordinates of a place, where someone hid a „treasure“, you can start the search. The so-called caches provide exciting names, notes, smart keywords, or just numbers. Anything but gold and precious stones can be expected. Who takes something out of the treasure box, shall, in return, put again something into it – so the next pulp hunters will still find something interesting. Guaranteed are lots of fun and the discovery of the country and its people.

The routes are all moderate

…and about 4 km long – so enjoyable even for inexperienced hikers. If you do not own a GPS – device, please contact a local authorized dealer or one of the many tourist offices in Thuringia.

New pilgrimage in Thuringia dedicated

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Pilgrim tourism

The pilgrim tourism is in vogue, and this doesnt apply only for the Way of St. James. Since a couple of years, tourists who visited thuringia kept asking for such an opportunity, which has led in conclusion to the opening of the new Pilgrim Way „On the traces of strong women“ in the green state.

pilgrimage thuringia

The route

This new milestone combines the story of three major women from the Christian history of Thuringia, the Benedictine Walburga (710 – 779), the founder of monastery Christin Paulina (1067 – 1107) and St. Elisabeth of Thuringia (1207 – 1231). The pilgrimage leads from Erfurt on Molsdorf, Ichtershausen, Arnstadt, Niederwillingen and Singen to Paulinzella. It is based on the medieval Way of St. James, 50 kilometres long and marked with a scallop. In the future, it will even be extended to Saalfeld and Coburg.

Perfect for a weekend break

That sounds promising and is especially doable on a – extended – weekend. „We want to let this theme way flourish whole-hearted and look forward to welcome many pilgrims friends,“ says Christine Dölle, contact for the pilgrims in the Augustinian monastery.

Beech forests will be UNESCO World Heritage

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The National Park Hainich

Thuringia is seeking the nomination of the unique beech forests of the National Park Hainich as a UNESCO World Heritage site. For a corresponding application to support the nomination campaign, also the Thuringian Minister for Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Environment Dr. Volker Sklenar championed this project in his speech to the Thuringian Landtag.

national park hainich - beech forest

The nomination

By this years autumn, a joint request of selected German beech forest regions in Thuringia, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and Hesse under the aegis of Thuringia will be developed. This will justify the inclusion of beech forests as a world natural heritage and is supposed to be submitted to the World Heritage Committee in early 2009 for its examination. The nomination will range – according to current planning – until 2010. Finally, the confirmation as a world natural heritage is expected for the year 2011.