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Since the late 90s, the Free State established a media site – and since the end of 2003 it marketed itself as a „Children media country.“ The 2007 image campaign, issued by the Free State, explains what is at stake: „The home of the Kinderkanal (children’s channel), ARD and ZDF and the Children’s Media Festival „Goldener Spatz“ convinces with the nationwide highest concentration of media companies in the field of children’s content“.

Until then, it was a long way: „At the beginning, there was nothing and now we have quite a few productions here,“ puts Inge Lore König this development in a nutshell. „The problem was simply that there existed no tradition in Thuringia for media.“ With its children’s film company, she operates in Thuringia since 2000 and produces, among other things, the Ki.Ka broadcast Trickboxx. König is a pioneer in the Thuringian film business.

thuringia media country for children

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And today, things turned out really good for the location of Thuringia. Prime Minister Dieter Althaus (CDU) said on Tuesday on the eve of the anual Thuringian media symposium: „Thuringia was not only a successful children’s media and production site. From here, we developped consistently many ideas and innovations, which influence new media services for children through significant future projects.“ „In future“, according to Althaus, „we will increase even more production and research capacities“.

Thuringia supports 1. International Solar Congress

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From the 25th to 26th November 2008, the 1. International Congress „BAUHAUS.SOLAR – technology, design and environment“ will take place at the Erfurt Fair. The Ministry of Economic affairs supports the preparation and implementation of this specialized symposium with 62,545 euros.

A corresponding decision was dropped by Thuringia`s Economics Minister Juergen Reinholz today, who immediately informed Dr. Frey from the Thuringian SolarCluster SolarInput e.V.

„In Thuringia, there is an unique opportunity to connect the idea of the Bauhaus with the future of solar technology“, said Thuringia’s Economics Minister Juergen Reinholz at the funds transfer in Erfurt.

on the way to solar congress

The International Symposium „BAUHAUS.SOLAR – technology, design and environment“ starts 2008 for the first time. Consistently, the organization of the conference will be handled by the team of the SolarInput e.V. The goal is to provide an exchange and cooperation platform for architects, designers, producers, researchers and developers from home and abroad for a cross-sectoral dialogue.

With this Congress, the Thuringian economy and higher education receive another cornerstone and an ideal platform for the development and application of new products in the field of solar technology. Approx. 200 participants and an international audience of specialists from Germany, Europe and overseas are expected to attend this innovative event.

New Encounters in Buchenwald

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63. Liberation Day

With the opening of the new „Jugendbegegnungsstätte Buchenwald“, on the occasion of the 63. Liberation Day April 11th, an art project of three high schools and The International School Weimar will receive public attention.  Over several months, 75 students have been intensively facing up to the history of the concentration camp and with today’s memorial Buchenwald.

a visit to the buchenwald memorial

Get in touch with history

In the beginning, there was one question: „How do young people today deal with the crimes in the former concentration camp at Buchenwald, when the opportunity is given to express artistically?“. To anticipate: The artistic work surprises with a thoughtfull seriousness and maturity, which wasn´t necessarely expected from 15- to 18-year-olds.


Artistic work of students

The assortment of the artistic tools varied from school to school: Schiller- high schoolers preferred woodcuts and Goethe pupils applied themselves with graphic work. The students of the Thuringia International School chose photography, the Humboldt Gymnasium room installations. All together are showing those very intense reflections, which can be found in any of their pictures and short texts. The head of the Buchenwald Memorial is so much pleased with this impressive student work, so that a selection will be permanently visible in the new youth centre of encounters.

Thuringia is glowing!

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Just two more weeks and the Thuringian barbecue season will be opened with a celebration at the Cathedral Square in Erfurt! The three „originals“ from the 1st German bratwurst museum, Propst Johann von Siebeleben, master`s butcher Huldreich Jacobi and journeyman Hans Wurst, are wearing their garp already – to ignite the bratwurst sausage fire at the museum in Holzhausen. A ceremony, which can not be taken seriously. But those guys always invent something new to promote Thuringias most delicious piece of culture.


On Wed 26th, they did the same for the festival at the Erfurt Cathedral Square. Everything will revolve around the sausage for the third time in a row – „Rusting Culture 2008 – Thuringia is glowing“ on April 12th.
Better said, around the „Thuringian sausage“ first mentioned in a Arnstädter abbey bill back in the year 1404 – and protected since December 2003 in Brussels. „In the past year, 33000 tons of those were produced!“, said Horst Schubert, managing director of the association „Thuringian / Eichsfelder sausage and meat“.

Happy new year!

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We wish you a happy new year and are looking forward to welcome you in Thuringia 2008!


Thuringia`s football

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The professional football team of the state – FC Carl Zeiss Jena – has to drop many important decisions these days. The search for a new coach to lead the team through Germany`s 2nd Division hasn`t been successful yet. By today, the odds give former Bundesliga player Valdas Ivanauskas some good chances.

On the other hand, there`s the deal with russia`s Alpha Investment Group. The admission for the new investor won`t be easy due to doubts of the german football league (DFL), which will decide about the 5 Mio. Euro donation next monday.

Rain is coming back

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After having several hot and dry weeks in the heart of germany, there was partially huge rain dropping on Thursday, 21th.
Anyways, the infamous „Buga“ continues to attract its visitors, lake temperatures are still very moderate to have some nice swimming and hiking is still an option for nature exploration.