Discover Christmas traditions in Thuringia – Part 3

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3. Erfurt – The setting for Thuringias largest Christmas market

The state capital of Thuringia is festively decorated in Advent. Influenced by one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in Germany, the city is a superb blend of rich patrician houses and fondly restored half-timbered houses.

Erfurt Christmas market - by blaulichtfotograph

Erfurt Christmas market - by blaulichtfotograph


Christmas melodies and the aroma of mulled wine and gingerbread is in the air everywhere you go. The Domplatz is the city`s center of attraction, where you might have the feeling to land in a very different world. Right below the cathedral dominates the Ferris wheel, while on the left side you can find the large Christmas tree. Best thing is to take the steps to the cathedral first – to get yourself an overview of the hustle and bustle.


If you planned to have plenty of time for your Christmas stay, then take the chance to visit the medieval streets and alleys with their churches, like the famous Krämerbrücke (merchants bridge), the Fishmarkt or the Church of St. Severus. Our top tip: Combine your visit of one of the most beautiful German Christmas markets with a shopping stroll and a guided tour into the historic Old Town.

Opening times
Sunday to Wednesday 10am to 8pm
Thursday to Saturday 10am to 9pm

Until Monday, 22/12/2008.

Discover Christmas traditions in Thuringia – Part 2

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2. Eisenach – Christmas market at the Wartburg

On the historical Christmas market at the Wartburg in Eisenach you can travel into the past. At the four advent weekends you will meet historical artisans such as candlemakers, soap boilers or masons. Further, herb women and traveling merchants offer medieval goods. The market – which has its presence at Luthers historical place of activity for the 8th consecutive year now – starts tomorrow, Sat, 29th November and stays until the 21st of December.

Shop-hours: Mon-Fri 10-19 Uhr, Sat 10-20 Uhr, Sun 11.30-20 Uhr.

The Oktoberfest in Thuringia – Beer and Tradition

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The Oktoberfest has its origins in the wedding between the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and the Princess Therese of Thuringia on October 12th in 1810. Since then, a big celebration took place every year in Munich – the festival you might associate with the term „Oktoberfest“. But after the German reunion, this historical fact let to an advancing awereness in Thuringia for having an own Oktoberfest at the tradition-rich green state!

The festival at the Cathedral Square, by zug55

The festival in the heart of Germany, by zug55

The Oktoberfest at the Cathedral Square, Erfurt

Especially the medieval-breathed city of Erfurt is predestinated to celebrate this important folk festival. According to the Munich pendant, the Oktoberfest in Thuringias capital kicked of in autumn, and this year from the 26.09. – 12.10. at the Cathedral Square.

Shows and entertainment reached from nostalgia to modern rides, but also a large marquee provided variety and fun for the whole family. It all started officially – like the years before – with the Bock beer tapping by the mayor – and from this point, the celebration had its centre of attraction right there.

Another real attraction was the world’s largest portable Ferris wheel „Bellevue“. The enclosed gondolas ride up to 56 meters in height. Further, a lot of spectacular carousel rides invited visitors – and among other things, for the first time a ghost train, where guests were shaked and tipped in their seats.

Many new visitors from all around the world

Finally, a couple of hundreds of thousands visitors attended the Erfurter Oktoberfest. Statistics from the hotel and lodging sector confirmed also a significant increase in foreign visitors to this popular event – a good sign for even more attractions and rackets in 2009!

The Highfield Festival 2008 – a review

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Dust, sun, rain and a lot of good music

The Highfield Festival is regarded as the biggest rock festival in Germany’s east. Every year in August at the Hohenfelden Reservoir near Erfurt, national and international bands are welcomed, to serve the region three days a year with good rock music. In this years 11st edition, alongside the national stars such as Die Ärzte and The Beatsteaks even global greats like The Hives, The Killers or Bloc Party played on stage.

Highfield 2008 - The biggest festival in Germany`s east, by ni-c

Highfield 2008 - The biggest festival in Germany`s east, by ni-c

A special event surrounded  by beautiful nature

If you go to the Highfield, then there is one thing usually pretty sure: You will attend one of the most beautifully situated festivals in Germany. Because the festival site is surrounded by a forest landscape in the immediate vicinity of a large dam, on which you can see one or the other artist with pedal boats to ride on the water.

25.000 spectadors celebrated close to Erfurt

Further, the Highfield is probably one of the few festivals absolutely close to a large city, more precisely: Near the capital city of Erfurt, which is equally inviting to go shopping. But is it? City trip and festival atmosphere? Yes, it works! Operadors offered a bus shuttle service with the so-wonderful name „Highfield Express“, which run sufficient during the day and night between Erfurt and the festival to explore the well-known historic Old Town Erfurt and possibly even to celebrate with a sip of wine at the annual wine festival. In any case, it was a successful year for the biggest festival in eastern Germany – with an estimated attendance of 25.000 rock fans. Welcome back in 2009!

Geocaching adventure – find treasures in Thuringia

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Treasure hunting

Thuringia offers a year-round treasure hunt with GPS device, called geocaching. Many tourist information in the country will asisst you with this new form of walking. It is suitable for families with children, and this modern form of treasure hunting now enjoys an increasing popularity. And at the end of the tour, there is always a small treasure with a souvenir.

Geocaching in Thuringia - find treasures via GPS

Geocaching in Thuringia - find treasures via GPS

With the GPS receiver in your hand

…and the coordinates of a place, where someone hid a „treasure“, you can start the search. The so-called caches provide exciting names, notes, smart keywords, or just numbers. Anything but gold and precious stones can be expected. Who takes something out of the treasure box, shall, in return, put again something into it – so the next pulp hunters will still find something interesting. Guaranteed are lots of fun and the discovery of the country and its people.

The routes are all moderate

…and about 4 km long – so enjoyable even for inexperienced hikers. If you do not own a GPS – device, please contact a local authorized dealer or one of the many tourist offices in Thuringia.

Thuringia supports 1. International Solar Congress

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From the 25th to 26th November 2008, the 1. International Congress „BAUHAUS.SOLAR – technology, design and environment“ will take place at the Erfurt Fair. The Ministry of Economic affairs supports the preparation and implementation of this specialized symposium with 62,545 euros.

A corresponding decision was dropped by Thuringia`s Economics Minister Juergen Reinholz today, who immediately informed Dr. Frey from the Thuringian SolarCluster SolarInput e.V.

„In Thuringia, there is an unique opportunity to connect the idea of the Bauhaus with the future of solar technology“, said Thuringia’s Economics Minister Juergen Reinholz at the funds transfer in Erfurt.

on the way to solar congress

The International Symposium „BAUHAUS.SOLAR – technology, design and environment“ starts 2008 for the first time. Consistently, the organization of the conference will be handled by the team of the SolarInput e.V. The goal is to provide an exchange and cooperation platform for architects, designers, producers, researchers and developers from home and abroad for a cross-sectoral dialogue.

With this Congress, the Thuringian economy and higher education receive another cornerstone and an ideal platform for the development and application of new products in the field of solar technology. Approx. 200 participants and an international audience of specialists from Germany, Europe and overseas are expected to attend this innovative event.

New Encounters in Buchenwald

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63. Liberation Day

With the opening of the new „Jugendbegegnungsstätte Buchenwald“, on the occasion of the 63. Liberation Day April 11th, an art project of three high schools and The International School Weimar will receive public attention.  Over several months, 75 students have been intensively facing up to the history of the concentration camp and with today’s memorial Buchenwald.

a visit to the buchenwald memorial

Get in touch with history

In the beginning, there was one question: „How do young people today deal with the crimes in the former concentration camp at Buchenwald, when the opportunity is given to express artistically?“. To anticipate: The artistic work surprises with a thoughtfull seriousness and maturity, which wasn´t necessarely expected from 15- to 18-year-olds.


Artistic work of students

The assortment of the artistic tools varied from school to school: Schiller- high schoolers preferred woodcuts and Goethe pupils applied themselves with graphic work. The students of the Thuringia International School chose photography, the Humboldt Gymnasium room installations. All together are showing those very intense reflections, which can be found in any of their pictures and short texts. The head of the Buchenwald Memorial is so much pleased with this impressive student work, so that a selection will be permanently visible in the new youth centre of encounters.

Pleasure – the pope will come to Thuringia

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Pope Benedict XVI. wants to spend time also in Thuringia – during his extended Germany visit in 2009.

There is a good chance that the Pope will come to Heiligenstadt in the Eichsfeld, said Prime Minister Dieter Althaus (CDU) in an interview with the radio station Antenne Thuringia.

After a private audience with the Pope on Thursday, the Holy Father has accepted his invitation.

The roundrtrip to his German home country is scheduled for April 2009. Besides the Eichsfeld, it is also planned to visit Berlin, he said.

There, he will meet with German President Horst Koehler and Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit (SPD).

Thuringia is glowing!

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Just two more weeks and the Thuringian barbecue season will be opened with a celebration at the Cathedral Square in Erfurt! The three „originals“ from the 1st German bratwurst museum, Propst Johann von Siebeleben, master`s butcher Huldreich Jacobi and journeyman Hans Wurst, are wearing their garp already – to ignite the bratwurst sausage fire at the museum in Holzhausen. A ceremony, which can not be taken seriously. But those guys always invent something new to promote Thuringias most delicious piece of culture.


On Wed 26th, they did the same for the festival at the Erfurt Cathedral Square. Everything will revolve around the sausage for the third time in a row – „Rusting Culture 2008 – Thuringia is glowing“ on April 12th.
Better said, around the „Thuringian sausage“ first mentioned in a Arnstädter abbey bill back in the year 1404 – and protected since December 2003 in Brussels. „In the past year, 33000 tons of those were produced!“, said Horst Schubert, managing director of the association „Thuringian / Eichsfelder sausage and meat“.

Easter in the snow

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The Rennsteig municipalities are happy that the winter yet taken hold.
Tourists and locals look like the snow kings: Since one week the Rennsteig region presents itself in a magnificent white dress. Not the Christ child, but the Easter Bunny brought, albeit belated, winter sports fun in the western Thuringian Forest.


Meanwhile, South Thuringia supplies an approximately 400 km long network of trails and rambling routes. „People wanted their Easter not just for skiing and running. But hardly anybody is really upset about that. This year, no one is fed up with the snow. There wasn`t so far that much“ said Renate Stengel from the Tourist Office Floh-Seligenthal. Even the Brotteroder are pleased with the additional Easter surprise. „People take their chances on our special sport offers. Usually you can`t do such things around this season, „said Dagmar Köllner, the managing director of the Inselberg tourism Inc.

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