Germany: Pope Benedict XVI visits Erfurt, Thuringia

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Germany: Pope Benedict XVI visits Erfurt, Thuringia – Pope Benedikt XVI. visited Thuringia, Germany on this past weekend and catered for both, positive and negative publicity, regarding the catholic church.


Positive was for sure, that Benedikt XVI. had met with abuse-victims of the catholic church during his visit in Germany 2011 on Friday.

The meeting of the clergymen took place in the well-known seminar for priests in the city of Erfurt. The discussions took approximately 30 minutes, according to the general co-ordinator of the Pope visit 2011, Hans Langendörfer.

Pope in Germany: Meeting with abuse victims

Altogether, Pope Benedikt XVI. met five abuse victims, two female ones as well as three male ones.

Furthermore, the Pope talked to five people, who work as close attendants of the victims.

The Pope assured in an explanation spread afterwards, that he wants to to take care of those severe cases and to process the entitled requests of the victims.

Also, it was seen particularly positive that the meeting originally wasn`t scheduled in the official program 2011 of the Pope visit in Germany, but was taken into account at short notice.

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Picture Pope in Thuringia / Germany, Domplatz Erfurt (c) hani

Thuringia Hotels Eisenach: Re-opening of the Wartburg Hotel

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Thuringia Hotels Eisenach: Re-opening of the Wartburg Hotel – The infamous Wartburg in Eisenach provides yet again a classy accomodation. After only four months of extensive renovation, the traditional hotel at the Wartburg was re-opened.

Wartburg Eisenach Thuringia

For another time, the tenant of this outstanding lodging is the Arcona Hotels & Resorts Group. This renowned enterprise operates the hotel since already approximately ten years.

However, the tradition of the hotel at the Wartburg goes back to the year 1914. At that time, the today’s 5-star accomodation was established and received monumental protection meanwhile.

Wartburg Hotel: Historical setting an culinary highlights

According to this fact, the renovation took place carefully, with the restoring of the external facade under strict editions of the monumental protection and even the use of particularly burned roofing tiles.

Besides, in 24 of the 37 hotel rooms a new color and light concept is used and until the upcoming celebration “100 years hotel on Wartburg“, also the remaining rooms will be renewed.

Speaking about Thuringia food and culinary traditions, the hotel at the Wartburg will also be more broadly set up.

Further, besides classy Thuringian an Regional menues, kitchen-chef Peter Herrmann will also offer meals from the European wine regions as well as quality ingredients of organic food.

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Picture Hotel Wartburg, Eisenach (c) rs

Map of Thuringia

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Map of Thuringia – The Federal State of Thuringia is located right in the heart of Germany. Besides such adorable cities like Erfurt, Weimar and Jena, Thuringia offers many attractions in its landscape and smaller towns.


Therefore, we would like to show you a map of Thuringia, which shows the regions of the state including big cities, highways, natural reservoirs, rivers and roads less travelled.

Map of Thuringia

The south of the country is dominated by the Thuringian forest, which crosses Thuringia from Eisenach to Sonneberg. In the north you can find the Thuringian Basin, which leads over the Kyffhäuser to the Harz Region. Its main cities are located on a lanyard from the West to the East, such as Gotha, Erfurt, Weimar, Jena and Gera.

In addition, there also exist many historical maps of Thuringia, for example during the 19th century (fragmented into little counties), during World War 2 and during the times of the GDR (no federal state, just 3 main districs: Suhl, Gera and Erfurt).

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Erfurt Christmas Market

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Erfurt Christmas Market – For those who want to visit one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany on their next city break, the Christmas market in Thuringias capital Erfurt is one of the most worthwhile options.

Christmas Market Erfurt

From now on until December 22nd, the „Green Heart of Germany“ awaits you right on time for the Christmas season with its true firework of impressions, since Erfurt scores next to his historical sights with a perfectly organized Christmas market on a spectacular, medieval setting.

Hold on the traditional cathedral square in Erfurt, you can find polyphonic Christmas acoustics, delicious mulled wine and a magical enchanted forest, all surmounted ny a 25 m tall, festively decorated Christmas tree and, nearly half as large, an original Christmas pyramid from the Erzgebirge.

And the hustle and bustle doesn`t only happen at the Cathedral Square, since once you get there, it seems like that the Christmas market in Erfurt enlarges over the whole inner city – such as the 200 festively decorated wooden houses which encourages to stop by on a walk from the Cathedral to the Anger.

Original Thuringian specialties like the Thuringian „Schittchen“ (delicious Christmas cake, the official season kick off was celebrated past Saturday) and the infamous Thuringian bratwurst will catch your addition: More recently, a special „Eco- Bakery“ invites adults and kids as well to make their own home baking cookies.

Erfurt Christmas Market opening times

Sun – Wed: 10 am – 8 pm
Thursday – Saturday: 10 am – 9 pm

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Octoberfest Erfurt: German Beer Festival at the Cathedral Square

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Octoberfest Erfurt: German Beer Festival at the Cathedral Square – The Oktoberfest in Munich may be the best known event called „Oktoberfest“ in Germany – but nevertheless, its counterpart in Thuringias capital Erfurt is a noteworthy event.

The festival at the Cathedral Square, by zug55

Scheduled for the period from 25 September to 10 October 2010, the Octoberfest Erfurt will take place at the imposing Cathedral Square, where performers, fast rides as well as the central point of the event, the huge marquee, are waiting for curious visitors.

On every day of the Octoberfest from 6 pm, various artists perform live music, which can be considered as the perfect complement to the numerous rides and game booths.

The start of Erfurt`s Octoberfest (Saturday, 25/09/2010) will be performed by a consortium consisting of the Lord Mayor of Erfurt, the festival host, the representative of the brewery as well as members of the festival committee.

And according to the tradition of past events, they will arrive on the fairground around 6 pm, sitting in lovely designed horse-drawn carriages, to open the Oktoberfest 2010 by tapping the first beer barrel sponsored by the Thuringian brewery „Braugold“.

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Pic: © zug

Events Thuringia: „Sun, Moon and Stars“ Festival in Saalburg!

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Events Thuringia: „Sun, Moon and Stars“ Festival in Saalburg! – One of the biggest music festivals in Germany, the event „Sonne, Mond und Sterne“, opens its doors this year already for the 14th time in Thuringia, Saalburg.

Scheduled for the period from the 06th to the 08th of August 2010, visitors can expect an international line-up of electronic music led by DJ greats such as David Guetta, Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth, which is completed by popular hip-hop artists like the „Fantastischen 4“ or „Jan Delay & Disko“.

In adition, a proper accommodation is provided in the extensive grounds around the lake, since numerous campgrounds in the immediate vicinity of the festival are available – as well as hotels and guest houses in the region welcome its visitors with special room rates for the duration of the whole weekend.

Only the current ticket situation could be an issue for lastminute travellers, since all tickets are sold out at this time according to the officials – however, contingents are still available in some stores in Thuringia as well as through auctions on the Internet.

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Pic: (c) MH

Erfurt city trip: Merchant`s Bridge Festival

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Erfurt city trip: Merchant`s Bridge Festival – With the annual „Krämerbrückenfest“ (Merchant`s Bridge Festival), the city of Erfurt celebrates a medieval festival of superlatives since 1975, which scores besides the stunnung atmosphere with lots of arts and crafts of bygone eras.

Known as the ideal opportunity to visit the capital of the „Green Heart of Germany“ Thuringia, interested visitors can expect picturesque streets, historic squares and imposing buildings in between Domplatz, Wenigemarkt and around the Merchants Bridge all located in the medieval Old Town.

The festival, which will take place from 06/18/2010 to 06/20/2010, comes up further with culturally sophisticated contributions and al lot of medieval theater, artists, jugglers and musicians.

As the highlight of the entire event, the famous medieval market offers traditional goods from original Thuringian craftsmen – all in a historic setting with specially designed tents, huts and inspiring costumes.

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Thuringia Sports: Biathlon Oberhof 15 km Results

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The competition of the men`s mass start in Oberhof is over. In addition to the ladies, the men now had to challenge the 15 kilometers and once again, it was interesting to watch this anual world class competition in Thuringia.

The favorite has actually been clear – We’re talking about Ole Einar Bjoerndalen. He has outclassed the competition once again. On the second and third place he was followed by the Americans Tim Burke an Poland`s Ace Tomasz Sikora.

Burke can thus take the lead in the overall World Cup title. But now even a few words about the Germans today. Youngster Arnd Peiffer oviously managed the best place possible for him and finished 5th. Unfortunately, champion Michael Greis had some bad luck when shooting, and therefore had to be content with the 11th place.

Pic: © Mic

Pure wellness in the Thuringian Forest

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With air-climatic advantages, scenic locations, vitality training concepts and healthy lifestyle positioning, the renewed Thuringian spas surprise their guests in this years winter wellness season.

Above all stands Bad Liebenstein, the oldest spa in Thuringia with 4ooo inhabitants, a spa town with no commercial and industrial features. Here, the hosts will welcome you with their  holistic attitude of man. It consists of the columns more life energy and good health in the Health-Activity Center, traditional healing – and maintaining rituals supplemented with caring packages and special massage, a sauna world with ice – and experience showers and a salt grotto, a physiotherapy center with a cold — and heat therapy and electrotherapy, a tradional healthy kitchen with nutritional advice and practical courses offered, and last but not least with the carbonated mineral spring.
Top Tip for your stay: The Spa Hotel Kaiserhof

Another way goes Friedrichroda, especially the part Finsterbergen. Here, everything is set up for an unusual success – and spa treatment – The Healthy Climate treatment. Low heat stress, increased gentle cold stimuli and a largely clear air with fresh air cures and Helio therapies will stimulate metabolism and blood flow and allow carefree breathing. After hiking, you can also visit the Ramada Hotel with his 16oo square meters of wellness areals, join the massage area with natural therapy, beauty farm and fitness programs for new energy.
Top Tip for accomodation and spa: Ramada Hotel

A third bid for your perfect gateaway is presented in the lovely Thuringian Forest town of Tabarz. The most famous German „Höhenwanderweg“, called Rennsteig, is located practically on the doorstep and the Inselberg with its 916 meters is nearby this small community. Here, all the Kneipp fans will come into their own. Two Kneipp locations with sevaral basins and footbaths are available. In addition, you shouldn`t miss the famous water park TABBS, with its warm 14oo square meters of water (3o degrees spa pool, spa house in the saltwater pool, sauna), where you can dive for the perfect relaxing.  However, even the  famous „Struwwelpeter“ author and neurologist Henry Hoffmannn has made it for vacation to Tabarz with his family each year – because of his faible for good air. A fairy tale meadow in Laucha  today recalls of these times.
Hotel Top Tip: Akzent-Hotel „Zur Post“

New hiking trails across Thuringia, Germany

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Thuringia hiking trails

This season, 54 certified routes across the republic  invite hikers to explore Germany by foot. And Thuringian trails represent the centerpiece of this renewed tourist attraction.

The paths with the title „Quality hiking trails of Germany“  are in total 6700 kilometers long and carry through Thuringia, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Lower Saxony, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The German Hiking Association awarded this mark of excellence for three years, and will re-screen the routes before a possible extension.

And three recommendable trails pass through Thuringia: The Naturparkweg Leine-Werra leads over 100 kilometers, passing historic buildings in old villages and through quiet deciduous forests. Always close to the water by low mountain range runs the 45 kilometers long Talsperrenweg Zeulenroda.

A rising part takes the Panoramaweg Schwarzatal, which starts at the Rennsteig and drives through a stunning countryside with medieval castles on the Saale River.

It can be considered as the perfect travel connection between the Saale valley and the Rennsteig along the Schwarzatal and its heights and valleys. This special trail offers hikers spectacular panoramic views and sights. Romantic paths lead on a total of 135 kilometers while  alternating high peaks with magnificent views, secluded forests with colorful flowers, which are crisscrossed by clear streams and surrounded by rewarding destinations.

The trail touches four counties: Saalfeld-Rudolstadt with 63 percent, Sonneberg, with 22 percent, the Ilmkreis with 10.5 percent and 5.5 percent travel distance through Hildburghausen.

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