Germany: Pope Benedict XVI visits Erfurt, Thuringia

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Germany: Pope Benedict XVI visits Erfurt, Thuringia – Pope Benedikt XVI. visited Thuringia, Germany on this past weekend and catered for both, positive and negative publicity, regarding the catholic church.


Positive was for sure, that Benedikt XVI. had met with abuse-victims of the catholic church during his visit in Germany 2011 on Friday.

The meeting of the clergymen took place in the well-known seminar for priests in the city of Erfurt. The discussions took approximately 30 minutes, according to the general co-ordinator of the Pope visit 2011, Hans Langendörfer.

Pope in Germany: Meeting with abuse victims

Altogether, Pope Benedikt XVI. met five abuse victims, two female ones as well as three male ones.

Furthermore, the Pope talked to five people, who work as close attendants of the victims.

The Pope assured in an explanation spread afterwards, that he wants to to take care of those severe cases and to process the entitled requests of the victims.

Also, it was seen particularly positive that the meeting originally wasn`t scheduled in the official program 2011 of the Pope visit in Germany, but was taken into account at short notice.

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