Spa and health tourism in Thuringia

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Relaxing, recreation, loafing and above all no stress? This is what most people want their holidays to be. Wellness, beauty and fitness are the magic words.  And Thuringia is well positioned for your spa vacation.

Thuringia has 17  health resorts – from the climatic health resorts in the Thuringian Forest to the fashionable spa`s in its bigger cities, 40 percent of Eastern Germany`s spas are placed  in the Free State of Thuringia. Pay special attention to its large number of excellent natural remedies such as salt and sulfur springs, peat, minerals, and of course the good climate.

Thuringia is equipped with modern rehabilitation clinics,  baths, wellness services, parks, hiking and biking trails, Concerts and many more. The Thuringian spas and health resorts have been entirely set up for recreation and relaxation-seekers. In addition to the classic spa and treatment methods,  a variety of wellness services are provided . Check out these links to find your perfect recreation place in Thuringia:


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